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Yulia Bonnet

  • Career Consultant and Career Coach
  • Expert in French Job Market
  • Networking Queen
I speak French, English and Russian

My fields of expertise:

Job search support

for French & international professionals
looking for a job opportunity in France

Tools' creation and optimization

CV, cover & motivation letter

Use of professional research tools

Improving your LinkedIn profile

Research strategy

Positioning, spontaneous applications


Follow-up - Interview training

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About me

Hello, my name is Yulia Bonnet.

I am a certified career consultant (Conseillère en Evolution
Professionnelle, RNCP diploma) and career coach. 

Today, I help French and foreign executives find new opportunities, optimise their job search and achieve their career goals.

In 2022 I did my internship at the famous in France Apec organization where I helped Ukrainian refugees ‘cadres’ to get a job in France.

Previously, I worked in the international supply chain as a marketing specialist, sales representative, international engineer and recruitment specialist in France, Russia and Hong Kong in French and American multinational transport and logistics companies for 10 years. 

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What helped me the most: the scheme for the motivation letter that Yulia gave me, it helped me to write it down. During our session we also prepared the answer for 'projet pro' question and they asked it to me twice at both Sanofi and Thales interviews.
OlgaSurveyor & Geodesist
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My job search started during Covid… I started working with Yulia at the same time. I didn’t have a french diploma nor european experience but it didn’t stop me from finding a job within 6(!) months. Yulia knows all the answers to the questions: how to get your resume right? What methods and tools are the most efficient for an effective job search? How to prepare and to answer numerous recruiter questions? How to stay motivated after negative answers or no answers at all? etc etc
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I've really appreciated Yulia's individual approach. She is always in touch, and responds very quickly. She has also got a wide network. I have been recommended to a company thanks to one of her contacts.
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Yulia, thanks a lot for consultation. You allowed me to see my situation under different angles and I saw different possible scenarios. Special thanks for the highlighting of what steps I can start doing today. Also a special thanks for a boost of motivation and support, it’s priceless! Thank you for sharing your contacts with me.
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Yulia, thank you very much for our session! You gave me very developed feedback on how to improve my resume and what direction to take. It’s extremely important to get this kind of orientation at the right time!!
AnnaStudent in Business and Affairs
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Honestly I wasn’t expecting more than just a few pieces of advice on my resume. However your professionalism and a real desire to help me struck me in a positive way. I was delighted with our session, as I learned so much useful information in an hour. You have a very simple and understandable manner of presenting information. Some of your questions were an amazing kick that opened my eyes.
LiliaWeb Marketing
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Yulia, thanks a lot for our career session today. It was really important to me to get professional advice. I understood what and how to do on my career track. I hope that everything will work out!
Anastasia Communication
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Yulia, hi. I would like to thank you for our session. I felt really comfortable during it which is really important for me. It was really useful to hear professional opinion from a specialist, eager to help!
NikitaE-marketing student
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We worked out all my weak points, adapted my resume to the French realities. We made together a step-by-step action plan for finding a job on all popular online platforms. We studied my portfolio and selected companies that met my expectations not only at the level of the desired income, but also my personal expectations regarding the corporate philosophy and goals of the company. The motivation letter has been corrected. I recommend Yulia without any doubt!
Elena Human Resources
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I’ve had a few insights during our session but most importantly a good result. 1) we made a clear plan 2) calmed my anxious soul 3) dealt with my choice And most importantly you allowed me to be myself and followed my path.

Schedule a free 15-min call

During this call you will explain your problem, we will discuss your strategy and schedule our future sessions together


It depends on your current situation and how comfortable you feel in the French job market. I often recommend starting with a pack of 3 sessions. 

In our first session we discuss your current situation, where you want to go (your goal), your strengths and weaknesses. You explain to me things that you have already done or tried. Then we figure out a plan for our work (general goal) and a goal for the session. 

We finish with a list of things to do before the next session. 

I do 70% of time online. I do face to face sessions upon request in Paris. Remember that there is an additional charge for the place or for coffees if it’s in a café.

My role is to get you as autonomous as possible. I will guide you through the process, explain the French market to you. I give you the tools but you do most of the job yourself. You are responsible for your job search and its success. 

I’m available for you between the sessions to answer your questions, check your corrections,etc. 

It’s not possible if you take only 1 session. 

I can only guarantee the part that depends on me: my full dedicated presence for you during our sessions, my full support and all the knowledge that I could share with you. There is a huge part of the result that relies on your actions.

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