My rates

1 session


3 sessions


6 sessions


Today, I offer packs of 3 and 6 sessions, formats that I have found to be the most effective. The 3-pack is suitable for job searching, improving tools and refining strategy, while the 6-pack offers more in-depth work on your career aspirations. It allows you to understand yourself better first, and then develop an effective strategy.

Who is this for?

  • You are a foreign student finishing your studies in France and looking for your first job
  • You are a professional relocated in France and wish to realize your potential here
  • You work in France and want to change your job raising your standards

How is a session organized?

In the first session we make acquaintances, I explain how it works and you set the first problem that we will be working on. We define your point A and point B. We’ll set up a session goal and an overall goal for your work together.

Schedule a free 15-min call

During this call you will explain your problem, we will discuss your strategy and schedule our future sessions together

What are my methods?

I have two approaches that I actively use in my work:
Consultant one and a Coach one.



I will share with you my knowledge of job hunting in France, the French job market and French culture, its specific features and my professional experience of over 10 years in France. I will also give you access to my network if necessary.

We will work together to develop your strategy. I will guide you on your way, giving you professional advice and career tips.

I won’t do the work for you (writing or rewriting your CV, cover letter or letter of intent) but I’ll help you understand the rules, give you an outline of how you should do it and give you direction. 

My aim is to make you autonomous and responsible for your research. So that you can use the approach next time you need it without me.

For when it is perfect:

• When you are looking for a specific job
• When you want to change professional sphere



Working on your self-esteem and self-confidence during the job search is essential to maximise your chances of success and to cope with the challenges that this period can present. Coaching tools are perfect for this.

Our work involves

  • recognising your strengths and past successes
  • visualising success
  • setting realistic and achievable goals
  • learning from failure
  • surround yourself with support
  • adopt a positive attitude
  • focus on progress
  • take care of yourself

I’ll ask you questions, push you to think more deeply, help you to open up, widen the field of possibilities, look at the situation from different angles.

For when it is perfect:

• When you have a choice to make
• When you are lost on your career path
• When you want to change your current position within your company